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This Wednesday, we are crushing hard on a magical and fierce entrepreneur who believes in the power of transforming women’s lives through style! Style coach Stasia Savasuk is teaching women that they can “run faster and jump higher” by having style that reflects the badass babes they are on the inside.

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So how did Stasia become a style queen offering sold out style workshops to hundreds of women? It all started with developing her own sense of style. She realized her struggle revolved around budget and body issues, and it wasn’t until she fell in love with thrifting that the transformation began! Stasia learned how to dress her own body, and then began playing with dressing others. She would throw “deck parties,” with her thrift store finds displayed on vintage hangers for her friends to buy. “People started asking if I could help them with their closets. I charged $25 for a consultation, but living in rural Vermont made it a challenge to start it as a business.” After a few months, Stasia had already gone through most of the closets in her small community and thought her style journey was done.

Photo by Evi Abeler Photography


However, friend and designer Megan Auman stepped in to encourage Stasia to open up a style school (see how important other boss babes are in your life, ladies?!)  Using the “Product Launch Formula,” Stasia promoted her style coaching on Instagram in the form of 30 minute call sessions. After developing curriculum based on frequently asked questions from her clients, she was able to officially launch Stasia’s Style School, a five week program that focuses on five different aspects of style. And the biggest piece of advice she got on her journey to success? “Start before you’re ready. And don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

One of the most important aspects of Stasia’s Style School is understanding yourself from the inside out. Her concept is simple: Rename, Reframe, and Unshame. “Internal work allows people to have the courage to wear what they already want to be wearing. Who are you and how do you want to project yourself to the world?” Her belief in “inside-out congruency” has been the key to transforming women’s style; by harnessing style that reflects who you are on the inside, you’ll be more empowered to “run faster and jump higher” in life!

Photos by Evi Abeler Photography


When asked about the hardest obstacle of her business, Stasia says, “Fear paralyzes me. When you don’t put your full self into a project and don’t get results, you feel safer. If you don’t work hard, it’s easy to blame that when you fail. When I open 40 spots in my program to the public, it pushes me to go all in and work until 2am to get those spots filled!”

Stasia has already done eight rounds of her style school, and the last five have been sell outs!

As for future plans, Stasia hopes to one day host a women’s empowerment conference with women from her Style School to continue to inspire women. “Someone else’s brave inspires your brave. I want to bring people together in the same room and harness creativity for good.”

If you want to learn more about your inner style or want to hear more from this boss babe, check her out at Style By Stasia!! Find her on instagram, @StasiaSavasuk

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