#WCW: Mariela Torres of Kill Em With Chic

“Ba bump……Ba Bump………” Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of our hearts beating and ROC-ing hard for our Women Crush Wednesday, Mariela Torres, founder of the inspiring T-shirt brand, Kill Em With Chic.

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You know the words of Lady MO, Mrs. Obama. “When they go low, we go high.” For Mariela when life gets low or crazy, she goes in. She kills it with her chic sense of intuition, faith, and overall desire for bringing empowerment to fashion.

Two years ago, life seemed stagnant for the Chic future founder.  “Everything felt like a routine; My job, my ten-year relationship, nothing was right anymore. I knew I needed a change.”  

Life was quickly put into perspective through her mother’s sudden death due to a heart attack at age fifty-seven. “Life is short. It shouldn’t be wasted with someone or at some place that you don’t want to be at every single day. That’s not what life’s about.”

What started as a vision board combined with her experience as a San Diego boutique buyer led to the formation of her fashion brand, Kill Em With Chic. Image by image as she created her board, Mariela figured out what she wanted to pursue, ““T-shirts. They never go out of style.” In April, 2015 she took the initiative to change her life and started her clothing brand with $400.

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Ms. T is super honest about the transformation of her make you feel strong brand. “The meaning of the brand somewhat evolved. Initially I had a lot of party girl shirts, like Alcohol you later.”   (I know we loved that one too 🙂 “But as the business grew I would look at other fashion brands and think, those are cool but what are they doing to help other people?”  “My mother was here for such a short period time, and through her death I saw how many people she affected.”

The long-lasting effects of her mother’s life have influenced her brand to go from Not Stoned to female empowering messages such as Classy AF and her International Women’s Day sold out success, Pussy Power.

“I’m doing a lot of women empowerment shirts because now more than ever we need to stick together.”

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When asked if she feels successful, “Yeah I do. I feel like I am making a difference and inspiring women to be rad and live their dream. That’s pretty successful to me.”

Her advice to others who are looking for a change,

“Make some step towards a goal, any goal. The more and more you get involved, the more you lose the fear.”

I asked what was the best business advice that this successful founder had ever received? “Be persistent. Have the mindset to keep going at it. Good things take time. Nothing in nature just blooms overnight so we can’t expect to have it happen in our business.”


Persistence works. What started with a vision board and $400 is now in featured in podcasts, fashion blogs, and was showcased in 2016’s Fashion Week San Diego. Mariela also co-authored the Amazon best seller book, Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables from Women Pursuing Their Dreams.

Mariela Torres, YOU ARE CLASSY AF. We at The Roc Shop are super pumped to watch you inspire and killin’ it world with your chic Pussy Power. ROC ON!

-Contributor, Tatiana DeMoreas

You can find Mariela on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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