Harnessing your VOICE and Roc’ing your FIERCENESS:: #ThePOWERtoROC

So lovely to have you here friend! I suppose you are reading this, because you are stoked and excited to see what I have up my sleeve for Friday’s launch of #ThePOWERtoROC! Many of you may already know my story and how shitty 2016 was for me. But then again, I think it was shitty for everyone! You can read more about my personal journey here. Long story short, I was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer known as DermatoFibroSarcoma and the day before the surgery that was to leave me left shoulder paralysis, I lost my Aunt Maria (who was the best part of my childhood) to cancer. Watching someone you love be removed from their breathing machine and become lifeless, is heartbreaking and breaks your spirit. It wasn’t a fun year. Through all of the ups and downs, the unknowns and the heartaches, I learned something about myself; I wanted to be heard. I wanted to have a voice! I wanted to stop hiding, stop shaming myself, and making myself small. I have always been a fierce woman, I just never let my Freak Flag fly! My 2016 journey allowed me to open up in regard to my weaknesses and honor my strengths, with that realization, I soon found my path.

2016 also brought a  tumultuous election cycle that really did divide and shake up our country, which definitely hit home with some friends and family members. You can hate me right now and stop reading/following/unsubscribe, but I wasn’t a Trump fan. I think that is a pretty obvious message within my brand. Being an ethnic woman, I felt the tension and fear of friends who were worried about deportation. I could relate to those who felt that their rights were threatened, that they weren’t being heard or taken seriously. I didn’t know what to do with all of my mixed emotions. I joined protests, I got more involved, I met up with people to discuss how we could come together. I took the highroad and figured, just because we don’t all have the same opinion doesn’t mean we can’t talk nor get along. I joined forums to discuss important issues.


Then the wave of fury came. I was threatened, I was  teased and named a “liberal cry baby”, called a “Stupid Bitch”, a “Beaner”, and was told to “Shut the Fuck Up”,  and surprisingly, along with many men, a good amount of women, told me I ought to not have the right to speak, that I should be ashamed of myself, that I should kill myself, or that I deserved to be raped. Whoa! Yeah. SMH. WTF people? ! I wish I was making this stuff up. The elections opened a whole new reality for me, that now, more than ever, I would need to harness that fierce side. That I would need to suck it up and forget about all of the Haters and acknowledge that I  have the RIGHT to be heard and embrace what I believe in, and that no matter what negative opposition that may come my way, I must stand behind my beliefs.

Thus, #ThePOWERtoROC was create! This new line allowed me to regain the POWER and confidence to ROC my fierceness, to not be afraid nor silenced because others don’t agree with my opinion. This is about me exercising my rights, being comfortable with who I am and celebrating that! I encourage you BABE to stand up for what you believe in, without shame or fear. Embrace and celebrate all that you are! You will be emPOWERed to live a life of courage and fearlessness, because the world needs all that you are!

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