Motivational Quote:: Let That Shit Go! For reals

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No lie, I spent January 1, 2017 doing absolutely nothing. And I was so good at it!!! 😆 Soo… 2016 was a doozy for me, personally. The last six months has left me feeling drained and exhausted, and a bit lost. BUT, I also ended 2016 with a ton of new friendships that has brought a new meaning to my life. In the midst of medical issues (cancer and surgeries that were to leave me with paralysis) and dealing with a loss of a very close family member, and the constant chaos of trying to figure out my business, I managed to throw myself out there and be vulnerable. I found new ways to speak. I found people who supported me and aligned with me, and vice versa. And it felt friggin good to create a small community of creative and fierce women, who all support and inspire one another. So, I’ve decided that whatever happened in 2016 that emotionally held me back, it’s time to let that shit go. I’m moving forward. I’ll look back from time to time, but only to reflect on my personal growth. My goal for 2017 is to cultivate more friendships. I want to learn more about the amazing women around me, I want to create a stronger community of fierce and bad ass women who seriously care for one another and who will show up, stand up, and fight for each other. I have absolutely zero idea as to where to even begin, but I’m putting it out there. That’s the first step, right?
I wish you all a year full of fierceness, happiness, and strength to get you through those tough moments. Many thanks to these peeps for helping to make 2016 easier
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