#FALLintoFormation – The Roc Shop Fall Collection


If you’ve ever been told “The party’s over,” it probably pissed you off but, on some level, you felt forced to accept it as fact.

Obliged to knuckle down. Convinced to suck it up. Amirite?

You thought – and correct me if I’m wrong – that you had to make yourself small enough that nobody NOTICED you anymore.

But you couldn’t be further from the truth. People NEED to see you. WE need to see you, because you have so, so much to offer.

It’s not too late for you. And I don’t believe – for one second – that this party’s over. For any of us. In fact, I think it’s only just beginning.


I started The Roc Shop for a reason.

I love a good party, true dat – but after the glitter settles and the champagne is long gone,  I believe there is plenty more to celebrate! We shouldn’t have to wait an entire year to celebrate ourselves. I mean, how boring is that?!

So this Fall, we are mixing things up! I give you permission to PARTY your heart out – our #FALLintoFormation collection celebrates you in all of your fierce glory, with two fucks given and zero apologies!

The party has already started, so wear the high heels, learn how to salsa dance, hike the un-hikeable mountain – I believe that we get to celebrate who we are every single day – and in every single way!


Make sure to check out our full new line of goodies including photobooth signage/props, drink stirrers, cupcake toppers and more for the party animals in your #girlgang – all available like, right now right now!

Now the real question is…how will you celebrate YOURself today, sista?


I'm NIC! This space is my inner PARTY ANIMAL outlet! Total #GANGSTABOSS! I love puppies. Hot Pink. Dirty Martinis. Chocolate. Cheese. ABOVE all, I'm just a gal who is trying to make this world happier! Come party with me!